Patients who wish to avoid cannabis combustion as a delivery method can utilize Evermore's popular vape carts and disposable vape cart pens. Evermore vape products can be found at dispensaries throughout Maryland.


Our innovative medical cannabis products are created using proprietary techniques. Lab testing ensures that our products create safe, consistent and repeatable results for our patients. Our growing product suite includes:



Evermore Cannabis Company cultivates Maryland’s finest medical cannabis varieties. We use naturally-derived materials to create well crafted, terpene rich cultivars sourced from across the globe. Our pre-rolled cannabis is made from flower only.



Our processing and extractions team produces a full line of concentrates both fresh frozen and dried.





THC and CBD distillates are available in vape carts syringes and disposable vape pens. Evermore Cannabis Company offers a premium line of vape cartridges, HTFSE / HCFSE, disposable vape pens, shatters, sugars and cake batters.

Our new Distillate Syringe can be used to vape/dab and it can be used directly in food preparation. Distillate syringes should be held under warm to hot (not boiling) water for about 5-7 seconds to allow the plunger to depress properly.




Evermore creates infused cannabis products to meet the growing medical demand for non-combustion cannabis products. We offer:



For patients who wish to avoid inhalation, the benefits of THC and CBD capsules present a delivery method without the need for combustion.




Evermore tinctures are available in standard dropper dosage in THC, THC-CBD and CBD varieties.





Evermore has released DISCOS, a product made with Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). Medical patients can now try DISCOS in our first raspberry flavor. Please click here for additional product information.



If you are a licensed Maryland dispensary and would like to inquire about our wholesale product suite, please contact our sales team.

Evermore Cannabis Company, LLC Baltimore, MD

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